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Get Breastfeeding Off to a Smooth Start

an expert-led, non-judgmental class for expectant parents

Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents

Get Breastfeeding Off to a Smooth Start

an expert-led, non-judgmental class for expectant parents

Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents

 Let’s Be Real. Breastfeeding Can Be Hard.

If you want to breastfeed/bodyfeed your baby, but feel unprepared and unconfident, this class is for you. Nursing can be soul-nourishing experience with lifelong health benefits for you and your baby. But the reality is, many new parents find breastfeeding to be challenging.

There’s good news! You don’t need to sit there feeling like 😬. You need clear guidance you can follow that has helped hundreds of families like yours get breastfeeding off to the best possible start. In the same amount of time it takes to watch a few episodes of your favorite show, you’ll learn fundamentals of feeding that will help you feel calm and in control as you welcome your new baby.

This Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents class is perfect for you if any of these are true:

  1. You’re not sure what’s normal and what to expect with a breastfed baby.
  2. You’ve rarely or never seen a newborn baby breastfeeding up close.
  3. You’re eager to avoid common problems like low milk supply and nipple pain.
  4. You want to learn how to tell if breastfeeding is going well, and signs it’s time to get help.
  5. You feel anxious about breastfeeding or would like to grow your confidence.
  6. You want to learn the info that’s helped thousands of families.

Rated Five Stars on Facebook

“I took a breastfeeding class at my hospital and read a book but Mighty Milk’s class was SO MUCH BETTER and easier to follow. I’m feeling a lot better prepared. My husband watched it with me and it was helpful to watch it together so we both have a better idea of what to expect.”

Angela P – Providence, RI

Hi! I’m Kate. This class changed my life.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I thought I had everything in place: the adorable nursery, endless gear, the perfect recliner. But when he was born, reality struck hard. I was overwhelmed by the many challenges of breastfeeding. My journey inspired me to start Mighty Milk, to create a better breastfeeding class and help other families avoid the stress that I experienced. I searched across the country for the right lactation consultant to lead our classes. I teamed up with Lex Beach. Lex is a widely respected IBCLC who has has helped thousands of families reach their feeding goals.


When my second baby was born, I followed the exact steps Lex teaches in Mighty Milk’s class. And guess what!? Breastfeeding went smoothly, and my baby and I both thrived. Now, Lex will give you clear guidance that can help make breastfeeding a positive experience for you and your baby.

Breastfeed Your Baby With Confidence and Without Fear

Feeding your baby is about so much more than milk. It’s about how you feel as you welcome your baby and begin life as a parent. And it can be rewarding in a way that defies description.

We’re here to help you establish the breastfeeding / bodyfeeding relationship you hope for, so you can have a smooth and peaceful transition to postpartum life.

We’ll hand-hold you through how to get started. No more trying to piece together info or worrying about potentially untrustworthy advice that can backfire. Mighty Milk is rated 5/5 stars by customers.


What You’ll Learn


Learn what to expect and what’s normal with your breastfed baby for everything from frequency of nursing to sleep.


Find out what to do from the moment your baby is born. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about skin to skin, positioning baby, latch, and beyond.


Understand why so many mothers struggle with breastfeeding, and learn how to best set yourself up to avoid common challenges like nipple pain.


Find out how often and when to feed your baby. We’re going to tell you why looking at your baby instead of the at clock is super important.


Learn how to tell if your baby is hungry, and if they are swallowing, to avoid feelings to distress for both of you.  


Feel confident that your baby is getting plenty of milk. You’ll learn what it looks like when breastfeeding is going well—and signs you should get help.  


Get tips for maximizing nighttime sleep with your breastfed baby while respecting their needs.


Find out what products can make life easier—and which you may want to avoid.


Learn what to do if you do struggle with breastfeeding, so you can advocate for yourself and your baby.


Build confidence. You’ve got this!

Trusted by Doulas, Pediatricians, Birth Centers, and Families

I am blown away at the amount of quality information that I just learned in such a short amount of time. I keep thinking of that saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”. That’s exactly how I feel right now… I feel so much better prepared for the first few weeks after my baby will be born. And I can’t believe how fun it was! I had been reading a breastfeeding book but these videos are so much easier to digest. I couldn’t stop watching them.” -Jennifer

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done over these last 10 days without the guidance Lex has provided both me and my partner. A few simple revolutionary tweaks…were invaluable and got us off on a path of success. I’m convinced my level of confidence would have been much different had I not had this information.”

Lune W

“I’ve just entered my 3rd trimester today, and I feel 100% more confident in the idea of nursing after listening to Lex explain the science behind skin to skin, hunger cues, sleeping, etc.”

Lisa N

I’m a third-time mom-to-be, and I still found this course so valuable. I wish I had known about it during my first pregnancy and postpartum experience…”

Emily B

Lex Beach IBCLC

Meet Your Instructor

Lex Beach is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and mother to seven children. She has helped thousands of newborns and new parents establish successful and rewarding nursing and feeding relationships. 

How Do I know if This Class Is Actually Worth it?

If you want to breastfeed your baby, learning a few key fundamentals now, while you’re expecting, is the #1 best way to set yourself up for success.

Here’s the truth: The first few days after your baby is born are crucial for your longer-term breastfeeding relationship. A rocky start in the first few weeks can snowball quickly and lead to a stressful situation. And when breastfeeding isn’t going well, it can make all of postpartum life feel extra challenging. The opposite is also true. When feeding goes smoothly, those sacred first months with your baby can feel calmer and more rewarding.

Mighty Milk’s class helps you feel more prepared with each passing minute you watch it.

Some breastfeeding classes out there guarantee that nursing will go flawlessly for you, but that’s deceptive. You can be prepared and still need professional support–and that’s okay! We do guarantee this:

By the end of Mighty Milk’s class, you’ll feel more confident and empowered. You’ll know all the fundamentals of how to breastfeed your baby, build a strong milk supply, and nurse without pain. And if you do experience feeding challenges after your baby is born, you’ll be better able to advocate for yourself and your baby. Make the choice now to invest in your breastfeeding relationship. Do it for you, your baby, and your postpartum life.

Have Any Questions?

When in my pregnancy should I take this class?

You can take this class at any point during your pregnancy. If you take it in your second trimester, you can log back in to brush up closer to your due date.

Is this class covered by insurance?

In the US, many health insurance companies offer reimbursement for all or part of breastfeeding classes. After you purchase the class, in your order confirmation email, you’ll see a link to request documentation you can submit to insurance. 

Can't I just watch Youtube videos or find a free class instead of Mighty Milk?

There’s lots of free stuff out there. But is it trustworthy, and does it cover the full spectrum of what you need to know without overwhelming you? Mighty Milk is led by Lex Beach, IBCLC. IBCLCs have the highest credential in the lactation world. Lex has helped thousands of families over her career, and she works with new babies every day. With Mighty Milk, you don’t have to piece together information or risk missing any one nugget that can make the difference between whether or not feeding goes smoothly for you and your baby. Plus, we know it’s easy to get busy and sidetracked. We’re you’re accountability partner. We’ll check in with you by email to encourage you to watch all the videos.

I am going to take a breastfeeding class at my hospital or elsewhere. Should I still take this class?

This class teaches lots that is not covered in hospital classes. In fact, Kate started Mighty Milk in part because her hospital class did not prepare her for success. Even if you did learn a lot from the class at your hospital, hearing information in a few ways can make all the difference. It can even make the difference between whether or not breastfeeding goes smoothly for you. No parent has ever said, “I was too prepared to breastfeed my baby.” 

What about getting individual help from a Lactation Consultant/ IBCLC?

Some parents will still need help from an IBCLC even after taking any breastfeeding class, and getting support if you need it is always very important! This class can be extremely helpful in preparing you to get the most out of your appointment with an IBCLC so you can ask better questions and better absorb the support you receive. It’s like learning the basics of a language, so you’re not starting from scratch when you have an appointment. You’ll also learn signs you should make sure to seek help from an IBCLC. However, because of the breadth of content this class covers, you will learn many things in the class that you will not during an appointment with an IBCLC.

What if I feel too busy to commit to this right now?

We get it, and no judgment! There’s probably A LOT going on in your life as you prepare to welcome your new baby. The reality is that after your baby is born, there is nothing more important than making sure your baby is fed. This sounds much easier than it often is in practice! If you struggle with feeding, coupled with your recovery from birth and the standard exhaustion of postpartum life, it can feel extremely jarring and even contribute to postpartum depression. We’ve boiled this class into the basics of what you need to know, without a bunch of extra stuff. So, make this a date night with your partner. Get some takeout or a cup of tea, get cozy on your couch, and spend an evening or two getting inspired about breastfeeding and bonding before your baby’s arrival. It has the potential to save you time and stress down the line. 

How do I know if this class is worth the money?

Fair question! Here’s what we can tell you: human milk is magic. It is medicine for your baby, tailor made for them to protect them from illness and help them get better when they do get sick. It is the perfect food, designed to help them grow. It helps them develop a strong immune system, and lowers their risk of certain diseases. And nursing and pumping protects YOU too, lowering your risk of certain types of cancers. And despite all of this, scientists have just begun to unlock the secrets of human milk, recently discovering the presence of stem cells. But despite all of the incredible, innumerable benefits, feeding your baby is about more than milk. It’s also about how you *feel* about your new life with your baby. When feeding is going well, your transition to postpartum life can feel more peaceful and more rewarding. When you are caught off guard, and when you struggle, it can impact everything about how you feel about yourself, your life with your baby, and even your partner. What is growing your confidence and knowledge when it comes to feeding your baby worth to you? Only you can answer that question. If breastfeeding feels important to you, this class may just be a pretty great deal. And with a confidence-boost guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

Can I take the class with my partner/spouse/support person?

YES! Studies show that partner and family participation is one of the most important factors for breastfeeding success. We’ve heard from our customers that watching the class together allows both parents to feel inspired, excited, and on the same page about breastfeeding.

I'm not sure I want to breastfeed. Should I still take this class?

We support you in making any decision that is right for you and your family, with no judgement ever. Our class is geared towards mothers who are interested in breastfeeding. However, we’ve heard from customers who were unsure if they wanted to breastfeed. They reported that this class helped them feel better prepared if they did choose to breastfeed their baby, and in some cases, it inspired them to try it. Some parents feel much more strongly about breastfeeding after giving birth, so Mighty Milk can help you feel prepared.

I'm pregnant with twins. Can I take this class?

Absolutely! This class teaches the fundamentals of breastfeeding that apply to both singles and multiples. However, you should also reach out to an IBCLC for personalized support.

What if I'm not satisfied?

We can’t guarantee that your breastfeeding experience will be smooth. Nobody can! The reality is, that you can take any breastfeeding class and still struggle. But we do guarantee you’ll finish the class feeling much more confident as you prepare to breastfeed your baby. We hope that everything will go smoothly. But even if you do struggle with feeding, Mighty Milk’s classes will empower you to be able to advocate for yourself and your baby. To date, we’ve had a 0% return rate. If you finish the full class and you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked, no hard time. We want you to be happy. 

Here’s What You Get…

The Fundamentals

Get inspired by the many benefits of breastfeeding. Learn why many parents struggle with feeding, and find out how to best set yourself up for success.

11 Steps to Get Breastfeeding off to the Best Possible Start

The core class teaches you how to feed your baby. Easy to follow, quick to learn.

Eating Well While Breastfeeding

Important info about nutrition, coffee, alcohol, and caffeine. Plus, what to know about lactation cookies and similar products.

Products: What Is (and Isn’t) Recommended

Nursing bras and beyond.

What to Do If You Do Struggle with Breastfeeding

What to know if the early days feel difficult, plus risk factors for breastfeeding difficulties.

Get Two FREE Bonuses Mailed to You: A Free Milk Storage Magnet and a Breastfeeding Cheat Sheet with Key Reminders

Shipping address collected after purchase. US and Canada only.

Make Those Early Days Easier

Follow this three-step plan.

Step 1

Take the class at any point during your pregnancy.

Step 2

Feel more confident and knowledgeable.

Step 3

Apply the lessons starting at birth!

Lex Beach IBCLC

Mighty Milk’s customers rate us 5 out of 5 stars. But we want you to be happy! If you complete the class and don’t feel much more confident, we’ll give you a refund without giving you a hard time. 

Choose Your Path

“I was too prepared to breastfeed my baby” -No parent ever. The Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents class gives you just the right amount of info without overwhelm. The Breastfeeding Your Baby (0-12 weeks) class covers lots more, including getting started with pumping and bottle-feeding, and top tips for adjusting to postpartum life with a breastfed baby.

Get 10% off with code MILK

 Expectant Parents Class Only

Get breastfeeding off to the best possible start from the moment your baby is born.


Get 10% off with code MILK

Breastfeeding Bundle Save $47

 Pumping, bottle-feeding, top tips for adjusting to postpartum life, and much more. Save big with both classes: Breastfeeding for Expectant Parents and Breastfeeding Your Baby (0-12 Weeks).


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