6 TV Shows I Binged While Breastfeeding

6 TV Shows I Binged While Breastfeeding

Kate Miller

When I was breastfeeding my newborn baby, one of two things was happening: I was either struggling to get him to latch, or, once he finally did, I was staring at this little miracle in disbelief that my body had produced human life. Whoa. But after the first few weeks, my husband went back to work. All four grandparents lived a few states away. I needed some “company,” at least to hear other adult voices. So, I decided to find some shows to liven up the many hours a day I spent feeding my baby, or holding him while he snoozed. Here were my favorites:

Pen15 (HULU)

If you’re looking for a quick, feel-good comedy that doesn’t require any emotional energy to watch, this is a great bet. Plus, if you were born in the 80s and early 90s, it will make you feel totally nostalgic. Pen15 follows two best friends through middle school, dealing with the usual teen angst of trying awkwardly to fit in and coping with being called the ugliest girl in the school (or, UGIS). Super charming and relatable. Also….remember gel pens?! Yeah, watch this!

Catastrophe (Amazon Prime)

This is FUNNY with sharp writing. Or at least the first season is. A one night stand results in a long-term relationship, and hilarity ensues. If you don’t mind some edgy humor, but also enjoy a good rom-com, this one’s for you.

Big Little Lies (HBO)

I ate up the first season of Big Little Lies. The episodes are long, so it took me a while to get through it. But with swoon-worthy shots around Monterey, California – and a glimpse into a very upper crust life I’ll never know — this was an easy one to get through. Essentially a high-class murder mystery you won’t be able to stop watching.

I’m Sorry (Netflix)

Okay, I’m realizing my genre of choice while breastfeeding: short comedies I don’t have to think a whole lot about. And I’m Sorry falls straight into this category. A show about an unapologetically funny TV writer Andrea (who is a real-life comedian) and her family, I’m Sorry is bound to give you a good laugh or two. The character banter is pretty great and the plots are simple enough that you can tune in and tune out without missing much.

Jane the Virgin (Netflix)

This romantic “dramedy” is AMAZING. And brilliant. After vowing to remain chaste until marriage, the main character Jane learns she’s pregnant due to a medical slip-up and has to rethink her future. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. And you’ll tear through episodes faster than you intended. Even when you are tired and should definitely go to bed.

Shrill (Hulu)

Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant plays Annie, an overweight struggling journalist dealing with life: body image issues, very blah-quality boyfriends, sick parents, and a condescending boss. Unlike other shows out there, this one doesn’t try to cover the discomfort and awkwardness Annie encounters or the choices she makes. Worth a watch.

Working Moms (Netflix)

This part-comedy part-not follows the lives of four working moms. It looks at the relationship we have with ourselves, our kids, our spouses, and our jobs. Once again, this show provided some easy laughs with not much concentration required.

What shows did I miss? Send us your recos!

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